Banging rocks together

Matt Lane

I love looking at where we are, working out where we want to be, and creating things to get us there.

Recent projects at work

By day, I work at the Wellington City Council as the Digital Manager. Before that, I was at Heyday, and before that Squiz. Here are some projects I have been involved with.


The Co-Driver app helps drivers maintain a safe speed by alerting them when the speed limit decreases, or if they go over the limit. It also gives drivers information about their driving behaviour to help them understand how they currently drive and how they can improve...

Timaru District Council

The Timaru District Council were an awesome team to work with. Their new, accessible website includes a much improved information architecture, a DPS payment gateway, integration to other council systems, and more. This resulted in Timaru being ranked 2nd overall (up from 64th!) by the ALGIM in 2014.

Manukau Institute of Technology

Manukau Institute of Technology needed to overhaul their outdated site, shifting its focus to recruiting prospective students. The new website now provides clearer calls-to-action, accepts online applications via a responsive form, and engaging content to encourage this.

Diabetes New Zealand

Diabetes New Zealand receives a higher percentage of mobile traffic than any other site I monitor. It is for that reason I had been waiting for years to be able to redo their site, putting effort into the mobile experience.

New Zealand Medical Association

The New Zealand Medical Association publishes the New Zealand Medical Journal. This required us to create a careful metadata schema to represent articles, editorials and all the other types of content elements with each journal issue.

Things I've been tinkering with outside of work

Supercharge your Google Analytics

An article on describing ways to complement the default Google Analytics tracking code to get more data, and more useful data.

Craig's Chemist

My friend Craig has a pharmacy in Miramar. I have been helping him build an online store to sell stuff to people all over the country.

Fall of the Roman Republic timeline

I love listening to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast. I started working on this timeline after listening to the Death Throes of the Republic series for the umpteenth time.


After getting sick of always struggling to find the menu of the restaurant downstairs at work, I figured it was a good excuse to fiddle with jQuery mobile.

Beer trees

I've been trying to learn about beer, and was struggling to understand all the different types. I created some visualisations to see the relationships of different varieties.


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