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Rendering Quasi in CSS

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On 19 August, we welcomed Ronnie van Hout’s Quasi to the roof of Wellington’s City Gallery

My office is across Civic Square and I wanted to make something to celebrate this fleshy freak joining us.

My first thought was Quasi paper dolls, with changeable costumes, like this:

I decided against this as I am not sure my illustration skills would be up to the challenge. I still think this is a great idea: cowboy Quasi, superhero Quasi, pirate Quasi…

I finally settled on CSS art! Could I create Quasi completely from CSS. I found this little Alien on CodePen which I could use as my base:

See the Pen Alien CSS Base by Wiley (@Chuloo) on CodePen.

So I spent an afternoon through trial and error to change the antennae into fingers and add finger nails… voila!:

See the Pen Quasi by Matt Lane (@mattlane) on CodePen.

You can see the full page at:

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