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WCC Internal Accessibility Hui

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The Accessibility Hui is an internal meeting of Wellington City Council staff from different disciplines who all have an interest in accessibility. The Hui was started in December 2019 after the launch of the Accessible Wellington Action Plan 2019.

Last week the Wellington City Council Website team hosted the March Accessibility Hui. Due to the quickly unfolding situation with Covid-19, it was decided at the last minute to run this as a Webinar. As a consequence of this change, the session was recorded.

The session included:

You can read the slides from the event here:

You can view the video of the session here:

Outside of work, I also spent an evening creating data visualisations out of the WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) criterion (using some older charts I had made as a reference). Unfortunately, due to my skill limitations they are not accessible themselves (any help appreciated):

A screenshot of a tree-view of the WCAG criterion

A screenshot of a sunburst diagram of the WCAG criterion

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